crane kit

                       THE   CRANE    KIT       CONSISTS OF;
    - 4 crane models
   - several DVDs
   -  a series of lesson plans for the teacher


THE  M4 CRANE  has a 4ft boom, a fixed mast and features a boom windlass, a load windlass and a
counter weight platform that extends 4ft. The M4 can swivel 360 degrees. 


THE NS4 (non-slewing 4ft.)  has a 4ft. boom, and a short fixed mast. There are only 2 positions for the
counter weight.  The boom line (black wire) holds an upside down protractor. The purpose of the NS4
is to practice finding the Tension in the boom line, using a knowledge of the properties of a right
triangle and basic trigonometry.


   is a simplified version of gantry cranes used in harbors. The single windlass
raises the load which hangs from 2 lines. 

The 4th crane model is an up-dated version of the ancient Greek trispastos.

Photo coming soon.