the  ENGINEER'S KIT  contains:


-110 beams from 2" to 22"  long

- 25 dowels of different lengths 

-around 50 nuts, bolts, washers etc. 

- a pre-assembled "truck" built from a lazy  susan set between 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood

- a boom "stabilizer" 

- 50 ft of 1/8" string  

-4 white plastic sheaves (pulley wheels)

- 1 fully assembled windlass 

-1 small pulley  

-2 "crane"  S-hooks 

- 1 plastic protractor with mounting hardware 

- a flash drive showing how to build the more complex structures   

                    Well over 200 pieces all stored in a wooden box (on casters)   


                          PRICE  $815- delivered free in the Portland metro area 

                             for shipping  to other cities  please contact us at :  info@portlandjib.com  


                                payment options- check , money orders or PayPal