montessori bridge beams

The kids and the staff at Portland Montessori were very helpful. 

   I brought over a set of BRIDGE BEAMS and let them play around with them. 

The first structure they built was a "building" with an exterior elevator using a windlass. 

Next  we built a crane with a fixed boom.  Watch as the kids use the hand signals to

roll the crane, and then lift a chair.

A couple of the girls designed a "bed" that can be lifted up using the windlass.

the kids used the "elevator" structure to make a catapult. 

They loaded a projectile into a cardboard box and launched it by jerking on a string.

Kyle at Cascadia Montessori designed and built this scissors lift using BRIDGE BEAMS.His design is ingenious and is much more complex than most scissors lifts. I'd call it an accordian lift. 


The kids at Cascadia Montessori assembled this cable-stayed bridge and loaded it to failure.