Junior builder's kit

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The full Engineer's Kit  has over 200 pieces,-beams, a pulley, windlass and lots of special hardware.

These are all required to build the various bridges, cranes, trebuchets, etc. However for the younger kids, all that's really needed are a set of beams (from #1 to #6 beams) and some connecting dowels. 

              This new kit-  THE JUNIOR BUILDER'S KIT has approximately 40 beams,

                              a number  connecting dowels and lengths of string .


                                PRICE  ---$235 plus shipping. 


 The 1st graders and kindergartners at Montessori school here in Portland came up with their own creations.



The 2nd graders built more complex structures.


Then they helped me built a "lift" bridge. Pull the white string and the deck lifts up.


Here are a few more ideas.


I call this a Portal. 

The official name for this structure is a HODGE PODGE.


Here's a through truss


Sol made a tunnel


I wasn't sure if i should include lengths of string in the kit.

                I'm glad I did.

The kids put it to good use and when I ran out of string, I gave them some duct tape.

Isaac took 2 dowels, bound them at one end with tape, and made a servicable pair of chop sticks. 

                              I never would have thought of that.   


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